Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why Fighting Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs Is So Stupid - Ecocentric - TIME.com

Why Fighting Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs Is So Stupid - Ecocentric - TIME.com

There's dumb, there's dumber and then there are the House Republicans—nearly all of them—who voted this morning to set the U.S. back on energy efficiency. By a quick voice vote, the House approved an amendment that would prevent funds from a 2012 spending bill to be used to implement federal light bulb standards. The amendment came after a similar separate bill failed to garner a two-thirds supermajority earlier this week in the House—although it did win a simple majority and all but 10 Republicans in the House voted for it, along with five Democrats.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

What if the Light Bulb Produced More Than Light? | ElisaWood

What if the Light Bulb Produced More Than Light? | ElisaWood

A professor of engineering at Edinburgh University recently demonstrated for the first time to a wide audience his technology that uses common every day lights to transmit data.

Harald Haas streamed a video through a desk lamp at Ted Global 2011 at Scotland’s Edinburgh International Conference Center in July.

I can hardly wait for this one. - Val

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garbage to Art Movie
An inspiring documentary about turning trash into art. A great summer movie find!  Watch for it.
"Located just outside Rio de Janeiro, Jardim Gramacho, Brazil, is the world's largest garbage landfill. Modern artist Vik Muniz works with the so-called catadores, the men and women who pick through the refuse, to create art out of recycled materials. Muniz selects six of the garbage pickers to pose as subjects in a series of photographs mimicking famous paintings. In his desire to assist the catadores and change their lives, Muniz finds himself changed as well. " http://www.wastelandmovie.com/
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Rethink The Food Label | Nutrition. Conversation. Design.

Rethink The Food Label | Nutrition. Conversation. Design.
Calling all designers, nutritionist and healthy food advocates. Enter by July 1st your redesigned food label.

Food labeling has not changed for over 20 years and you can make a difference in helping consumers make educated decisions when purchasing food items. Understandable labeling addressing many of today's health and nutritional concerns may help reduce and reverse the obesity curve we see increasing today.

New Mortgages for Car-Free Families

New Mortgages for Car-Free Families
You've got to love it when you can save money while saving money.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Sustainable Supply Chain: Show me the Money – NOW!

A Sustainable Supply Chain: Show me the Money – NOW!

... The quantitative model was created by the analysis of the three main drivers and their respective impacts on the company’s annual procurement spend, market cap and revenue. Their impact was then compared to the implementation cost of a Sustainable Procurement program.

Among the reports key findings:

  1. The payback from investing in risk reduction activities in the supply chain targeting the financial impact on “brand value from negative supplier practices (e.g., child labor, creating local pollution);economic cost of supply chain disruptions (e.g., noncompliance with environmental regulation,” etc. is eighty-five times the cost associated with the initial risk reduction investment.
  2. Additional revenue through innovation of eco-friendly products/services, price premium or income from recycling programs yielded a 58 percent payback.
The study found sustainability- driven cost reduction from energy reduction programs for instance, could fund the entire cost of a procurement initiative. This would allow companies to benefit quickly from both risk management reduction and potential revenue growth opportunities. ...