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A Visit From the Priestess of Waste-Free Living

Published: February 15, 2010
Hadley Hooper

MY neighbor Bea produces no garbage. I am serious. None.

It’s like some kind of amazing magic trick. Bea has a husband, two sons (ages 10 and 8) and a dog, and yet her household generates no empty containers, no food scraps, no dirty paper towels, no broken toys, no crumpled wrapping paper, no empty ketchup packets from fast-food restaurants, no orphan socks with holes in the toes.



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Zero waste balloons!

February 22, 2010 in section: Blog by Mrs Green with 2147 views 
Little miss Green overjoyed to find zero waste balloons for her birthday!
Little miss Green overjoyed to find zero waste balloons for her birthday!
It’s Little Miss Green’s Birthday next month and her Birthday isn’t a Birthday without balloons. Personally I hate the things. To me they are litter or landfill waste at best; an environmental hazard to wildlife at worst.
Even though Little Miss Green is an animal lover and regularly goes litter picking, these things go out of her mind when there is some serious celebrating to be done.
We’ve taken on this zero waste challenge so what am I going to do? It’s the little things and the small rituals that make the biggest difference to kids. For LMG it’s napkins and crackers at Christmas that are the ‘must have’ items. For her Birthday, it’s balloons.
I’m torn between giving her the small details she craves and standing by my zero waste principles. It’s not just the balloons; it’s the packaging too - they always come in some unmarked crinkly plastic packet.
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