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Al Rawabi Dairy awarded three management system certifications as part of 20th anniversary

Dubai, 3rd May 2010: Al Rawabi DairyAl Rawabi Dairy has been awarded three management system certifications by the British Standards Institution (BSi) during its 20th Anniversary celebrations in a spectacular gala event.
The UAE company, which distributes dairy and juice products throughout the emirates as well as in Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, has achieved the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, all of which provide competitive advantage, streamline costs and raise staff morale.

Al RawabiAl Rawabi received the certifications by His Excellency Guy Warrington, British Consul General in Dubai during the company's lavish 20th Anniversary celebrations.
The ISO 9001 is the world's most established quality framework, used by more than 750,000 organisations in 161 countries, and sets the standard for quality management systems. The ISO 22000 is especially relevant to Al RawabiAl Rawabi, managing food safety throughout the supply chain, from 'farm to fork', while the ISO 14001 provides a framework for businesses to manage their environmental impact.

Lipton has zero-waste recycling down to a T

Suffolk, Virginia
There are no paper towels i n the bathrooms at Lipton Tea.
Or Styrofoam coffee cups in the cafeteria.
And, on the trash trucks that pull away from the building on West Washington Street - well, there aren't many trash trucks.
There's basically no trash.
What does leave the building - a few tea bags that accidentally fell to the floor, some tea leaves that can't be used - is carted to a landfill near Waverly and converted into compost.
Even plant manager Ted Narozny's business card is made from recycled paper.

ZeroTrashTalk comment: Unilever, as one of the largest corps in the world, could do so much more but I want to give kudos where they are due. It's a great start. Now if their packaging was designed for zero waste and zero waste was incorporated throughout their operations plus more transparency I would be less skeptical about a program that is co-sponsored by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, Dominion Virginia and DuPont. They need an impartial third party certification for that environmental stamp of approval. Liptons pdf reads nicely in stats for sustainability. Their excellent efforts in the plant are not reflected in the packaging of their products that we pick-up in the isles at the grocery store and the residential trash can. I'm very surprised by the savings of only $150,000 for landfill diversion, seems like it should be more. They may not be throwing anything out but we as consumers sure throw out a lot of their packaging designed for and by them. If Unilever is serious about sustainability and zero waste it will have a huge impact, I look forward to it. Go to original article

For the launch of its fully-compostable snack bag, Frito Lay Canada is working with local composting programs to ensure that new SunChips bags are handled properly when disposed.For full story

Feb.13 2010

Each year more than 5 billion pounds of carpet are disposed of in landfills around the nation. Shaw officials said that through the Shaw Green Edge initiative, more than 250 million pounds of that carpet waste is now being recycled and reused.

“Phillips tells us that everything we send them, which amounts to 50,000 pounds of trash each year, is reused or recycled,” Rowell said. “We are proud to achieve zero landfill status as of September 2009. It is a Shaw corporate initiative for 2010 for all 50 manufacturing plants across the country to reduce solid waste as much as possible, and we came in ahead of schedule.”

Central Mayor Mac Martin said he believes the zero-landfill standard is the wave of the future for industrial and commercial businesses in Pickens County.

“All the municipalities in this county are working hard to achieve this level,” Martin said. “I am happy to hear that Shaw Industries has joined Wal-Mart in the town of Central as zero landfill participants.”

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