Thursday, February 18, 2010

Natural Daylighting - Clean and Bright

After working in the office for two years with only natural daylighting tubes to light the office, I have to say I'm impressed. I like the bright clean white light that dims slightly when clouds pass overhead and brightens with the sunshine. It keeps me connected to the weather and reminds me that there are other things in the world than my desk and my work. On the sunniest days rainbows dance across the walls in the office. When I compare the lighting tubes to the standard lighting in the office next door and it seems dingy and yellow over there.

I can honestly say we have only used standard lighting on less than 7 days over those two years, during the darkest and stormiest of weather. Otherwise even in those not so bright times we have had plenty of light to work by. Michigan is know for cloudy gray weather in the winter.

My favorite story I repeat often is of a customer and her husband who like to lie on the kitchen floor during lightning storms. They say the light show is amazing and ordered a few more for their cottage. This is a trend I see regularly and understand it. Once you have one you can find a reason for another. I have a cousin who is on her fourth tube.

There is nothing like natural daylighting, now to get one for the kitchen, ok maybe a second for the basement stairwell as well.

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