Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Zip Car - a great way to get around town

Join Zipcar and get $25 in free driving!

I've been a zip car user for two years now and it is a great way to get a car in a convenient location for a flat fee. If I just need a car for a few hours I walk book online to reserve the car, walk 10 minutes downtown or take the bus, pick up the car, drive and drop the car off when my time is up. Gas, insurance, it's all covered and my time driving the zip car also counts as a driver for insurance if I should ever decide to own my own.

I was also able to add visitors to town on my account so they could drive if they needed to. Visitor from Switzerland in town need to drive for only a few days, no problem with zip.

Looks like I can drive a zip car where-ever they are located so that next trip to Chicago or Toronto, no problem, they have even added London, England to the list. I recommend this company to anyone as a zero Waste alternative to car ownership that has zipcar in their area.


  1. Hi Valerie, Great article. We would like you to also try Connect by Hertz cars. Have you tried them at all? We'd love to hear your feedback. Let me know if you'd like to receive more information on locating one of our cars? Although we are currently in NYC but we have the connect cars available from many university locations around the nation.
    Also keep in mind that our electric vehicle cars are soon to be available globally. You should try them and let us know what you think of the cars. Towards the end of 2010, we will have them ready with all the charging stations so you don't need to stop by at a gas station. It'll run on 100% electric.

    Gulsah at Hertz

  2. Gulsah,
    Just had a look at the website, almost the same as zipcar right down to daily mileage and membership fees with a few more options for steadier drivers. The cars are certainly nice choice. I would look forward to trying out an electric car in the near future. Had the chance to try out a Honda Hybrid the other day, loved it. Glad to see the car sharing is expanding here in the USA.